Second week roundup

This week we had an information session of our department regarding the guidelines of our thesis. We also had our first meeting with our mentor. From now on we will continue to meet our mentor every Tuesday at 2 o’clock. What follows are our first impressions:

  • Till the meeting with CapGemini, we will keep our options open and skim all HTML5 frameworks available on the web. Bert Outtier found a site ( that can help us to do this.
  • We have to find features on how to compare all those frameworks.
  • We have to make a literature study by November. Because we have not done this before, we got a thesis from last year, so we now have a guideline.
  • We also found out that we can write our thesis in Dutch. Also our presentations can be in Dutch, however we will continue to write this blog in English.

This is an excerpt of the literature what can be found on our TiNYARM profile:

  • Sander Van Loock (
Has toRead Pro jQuery
Has toRead Sencha Touch Mobile JavaScript Framework
Has toRead HTML5 Mobile Websites
Has read Mobile JavaScript Application Development
Has toRead HTML5 the missing manual
  • Tim Ameye (
Has toRead HTML5 the missing manual
Has toRead HTML5 Mobile Websites
Has read Introducing HTML5 (2nd Edition)
Has read HTML5 Mobile Development Cookbook
Has skimmed HTML5 Architecture

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      • The idea of the literature study is that you analyse what other people have done in the area of your thesis and how it relates to what you will be doing. If this is not clear, then you should discuss it with your contact!

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